Kiri Align

Turbocharge Your Business Growth By Getting Onboard the Quickest Safety and Compliance Platform

“Kiri Align is your one-stop-solution to getting control over all your business’ safety and compliance needs and integrating your workforce.”

Abide by Chain of Responsibility (COR) laws, prevent hazards, improve workplace safety, and build a safety culture – all on a single app, that can be accessed on the go – at any time from anywhere!

Health, Safety And Compliance – Anytime, Anywhere

With our easy-to-use app, you can empower your workforce to manage safety and work with peace of mind. Our instant onboarding process helps you get your system up and running in just a few seconds.

Kiri Align comes with a full scale, web portal based digital platform, that is compatible with all web browsers, provides AI/ machine learning-based deep insights and helps raise safety standards across your organisation.

Intuitive Safety Features

Workforce Inductions and Training Logs

Create dynamic forms and checklists for all your safety and operational training needs. Also, keep logs and track of the same.

JSAs and Incident Management

Report, investigate, track, and maintain a visual scorecard of incidents, hazards, and near misses in real-time. This is crucial for protecting workers, customers and business from adverse exposure.

Operational Procedures and Audits

Conduct hassle-free audits for various business operations, assets, and sites and create/ update/ share/ manage your safe operating procedures/ SWMS with distributed workers.

Pre-starts, Service Checks, Policies & Practices

Easy procedure for creation, maintenance, and compliance with business policies, pre-start and service checklists for users and equipment.

Digital File Storage and Built-in Calendar

Central cloud-based file storage system with strict access controls and built-in calendar to manage recurring checks/audits. You can set reminders for workers or push notifications directly to their smartphone.