Ex-works, in transit, on site – run as One.

“Kiri.mine brings the simplicity of a digital solution to complex mining and quarrying businesses – out of the box – in the office or on the field.”

Kiri.mine is a versatile solution for mining and quarrying businesses, their suppliers and supply chain partners. The solution extends the functionality of Kiri.core into a specifically tailored solution for the industries that it serves.

Tailored for:

Mining Equipment Suppliers

Mining Equipment Suppliers

Deploy digital bookings for your mining and quarry equipment fleet to optimise your equipment usage and uplift ROI to the next level. Plan your equipment availability and usage across various customers and raise paperless timely bills to your customers all managed centrally and digitally. Provide remote assistance to your field staff drivers to deliver services with field app along with real-time equipment safety and health monitoring.

Mining & Quarrying Companies

M&Q Companies

Remote monitoring & centrally manage your digging to excavation, people to the equipment your mining operations and critical mining & quarrying resources. Develop integrated and coherent digital mining and quarry business by digitally connecting & collaborating with contracted and rented equipment and workforce for mining, excavation, quarrying, logistics etc. to create a real positive impact on your ROI.

Mining & Quarrying Contractors

M&Q Contractors

Contract management with multiple parties involved in mining and quarrying operations, from landowners to excavation service providers. Get proactive alerts for contract renewals and execution.  Get real-time geo analysis support for digital mapping.

Inbound & Outbound Logistics

Inbound & Outbound Logistics

Improve order turnaround time impacting top & bottom line of your inbound and outbound logistics business operation for mining and quarry businesses. Helps you to create & manage proactive real-time logistics with variable customer demands profitably. Optimises the logistics operations & cost with Improved transport capacity, efficiency, reliability & create impactful customer experience enhancing customer loyalty.

Edition Highlights

kendra mine mining quarrying business software

Business on a Single System

Create and manage single seamless digital mining and quarry business value chain for all your field staff, equipment operators and fleet of equipment.

Equipment Monitoring with Geo-location

Plan, place, locate and retrieve your equipment by customer allocation and specific geo-located map positions for accurate, quick & easy management of the leasing lifecycle.

Smart Dynamic Pricelists

Dynamically maintain different price lists for different capacity, categories of equipment, customers, including seasonal price lists pertaining to your specific seasonal marketing campaigns. Manage pricing changes on the fly and maintain a full and comprehensive pricing history by product lines.

Booking Time-liner

Manage the entire order taking- booking, dispatching and checking-off process from a single timeline screen across the period and operating hours of your choice. Save precious effort of staff by managing your entire business from a single, visually driven screen. Flip view in the real-time for time-line staff allocation, asset allocation, route allocation and ROI per asset on the unified view.

Contract Management

Smart digital contracts, with an instant settlement for across the mining business value chain. Enforcement of contract rules without the need for manual mediation. Create contracts for capacity, routes, locations, timelines or asset & equipment leases, and be in full control of mining operations network.

Safety Built into Operating Gear

Every KiriHQ edition comes with basic OHS (Organisation Health and Safety) built-in for the safety of your staff, complete with basic pre-start checklists and basic Job Safety Assessments (JSAs) built-in for operating fleet equipment. Stay updated for compliance requirement real-time.

Maintenance Schedules and Reminders

Stay updated and manage proactively your maintenance schedule real-time of your mining & quarrying equipment and assets. Digitally set reminders for maintenance due dates helping you to bring accidental down break and adding uptime to your supply chain network. Plan your equipment & mining downtime across all locations to optimize mining operations.

Field App for Equipment & Supply Chain Operations

A first-in-class, totally integrated field app that allows businesses to have complete control on job progress, navigating drivers to desired delivery and pick up locations, updating the real-time progress on the move and metadata on-site and seamless updating of supply chain activities progress at job check-offs and invoicing – all as one, seamless flow.

Customised Load and Route Program

Create customised load and route based offerings for your mining operation to maximize the efficiency of entire inbound and outbound logistics operations. Manage pricing factors dynamically across all your mining locations.

Mining History of Locations

Manage the accurate history of the mining condition for all mining locations, complete with reporting that can be shared periodically with operators and supervisors & managers for various purposes to gain operational excellence.

Integration with Ordering Systems

Integrate with any external ordering of your logistics network, demand centres and customers resource planning systems, with the help of secure and easy to scale web-based APIs at ease.



per resource*, up to 20 resources++

CRM and Customer Management

Employee Management

Equipment Management

Order to Cash Flow

Reporting Suite

Single Entity

Single Location

500 MB Data Limit

 * Minimum billing 20 resources, billed annually


per resource*, up to 50 resources++
All small biz features, plus:

Booking calendar

5 GB Data Limit




 * Minimum billing 50 resources, billed annually


per resource*, up to 150 resources++
All growing biz features, plus:

Multiple locations

Field app

No data limit

Sales management

Contracts and pricing

Service sheets

Enhanced reporting

OHS ready

 * Minimum billing 150 resources, billed annually


per resource*, up to 250 resources++
All established biz features, plus:

Multi entity

Customer app

Parts system

Free Kiri.collect OR free Kiri.sales

Financial integration

Basic version of Kiri.align

 * Minimum billing 250 resources, billed annually


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Over 250 resources++
Large Enterprise Features:

Product customization

Full systems integration with other enterprise systems

Premium support free for the 1st year

Option of opting in to the early feature release program

 * billed annually