Industries have commonalities within. But every business within is different

“KiriHQ addresses industry challenges with out-of-the-box industry editions, and solutions that are uniquely configurable”

Agricultural Contracting management

Agricultural Contracting

No challenge too big. No job too small.Being a successful player contracting equipment and services to the agricultural sector calls for a range of services provided at competitive prices, and the dynamism to adapt to seasonal variations- right in step with the farms and families you serve. Read More

Agricultural Sales

Help farmers reach their full potential Supplying into the agricultural sector is all about doing more with less. It’s about coupling the right product with the right advice- which all needs all your experience, all your expertise- to be consistently delivered to farmers at all times. Read More

Agricultural Sales management
Asset Management

Asset Management

Managing assets on the job, for the job. Emerging technology is constantly pushing businesses to adopt on-the-job asset management with minimal human interaction and downtime while keeping up with the skill needs of the world. Read More

Concrete and Asphalting

Demand. Competition. Enter Digital. Sustainably growing the industry that brings efficiency challenges at its core is no mean feat. The only way to win is to integrate operations. And the only way to economically do that is to go digital. Read More

Concrete and Asphalting management
Equipment Engineering and Fleet Workshops management

Equipment Engineering and Fleet Workshops

Gear in top condition pays for itself. To ensure predictability in service and keeping customers happy, reducing equipment downtime and engineering it for optimal performance are critical factors. Read More

Equipment Rental

High-quality gear, first class service, and a business that’s totally in control. No matter how small or big, the challenges to the renting industry are easily solved with the right technology to manage it all. Read More

Equipment Rental management
Fertilizer Groundspreading management

Fertilizer Groundspreading

Bringing the best out of the soil. Operating in a sector that has to balance soil nutrition and the environment at the same time, the modern day spreader needs to be an astute, aware, and in-control business. Read More

Mining And Quarrying

Bringing natural resources to businesses. Timely delivery on bookings, managing resources and skills, evaluating and developing competencies and maintaining bottomline on produce. Just another day at the mine’s office. Read More

Mining And Quarrying management
Professional Services management

Professional Services

Customers are precious. Don’t make them wait. The biggest difference between good service and great service – in a super competitive and evolving services industry. Is speed coupled with a personal touch. Read More

Retail Distribution

Delivering direct, just in time, just enough, proactively. As supply chain competition grows, customers can only stay profitable when paired with a partner that leverages the right technology. Read More

Retail Distribution management
Stockfeed Management and Distribution Management

Stockfeed Management and Distribution

All about winning in a changing world. Protect margins against climatic variations. Capture market with excellent service to customers. Read More

Transport And Logistics

Been around forever, yet ever-changing. Evolve today. To stay relevant today. Repeat. Read More

Transport And Logistics management
Waste and Resource Management

Waste and Resource Management

Challenges. Opportunities. Accountability. Waste management is a rapidly growing global industry, with challenges and opportunities all dressed one. Service can get extremely competitive, in addition to environmental accountability and ensuring that the quality of the environment for citizens is upheld at all times. Read More