How an Australian Fertiliser Spreading Company Reduced Costs By $700K Per Year

Partner Profile

Founded: 1952
Location: Australia
Project Duration: Ongoing
Employees: 100+

Business Context

The client is an established Australian family-owned fertiliser spreading company serving local farmers by supplying premium quality fertilisers and agricultural services. They have been producing fertilisers and providing services like Blending, Spreading, Bin Delivery, Soil Testing, Agronomy, NPKS Reporting, Farm Mapping, and Logistics for over 60 years now. 

Serving over 3000 farmers every year in Australia, they are scaling fast with significant YoY growth. 

Business Challenges

  • As the business grew, its products, services, business locations, and people grew significantly. This invited various business challenges that limited the further growth of the business with manual processes.
  • There were 100+ team members in various teams that had a good number of tasks assigned to them to achieve various business goals.
  • Relying on 100s of spreadsheets was no longer effective to manage their ever-growing queue of customers, employees, tasks, vehicles, and depot locations. It also resulted in duplicate/conflicting copies of data.
  • They tried using multiple software/tools for multiple business processes like HR management, task management, vehicle maintenance, account management, etc. 
  • This, in turn, aggravated the problem of asynchrony. All these systems worked separately and didn’t talk to each other. 
  • With the increase in the number of depots, the leaders had no idea what was happening at various business locations without having to drive to each site and inspect physically.
  • They did not know what each of their staff members was doing until the employees reported at the end of each week or month. 
  • There was a lack of real-time monitoring of assets and delivery status.
  • Decision making relied on time-consuming manual data practices with more chance of delayed, inconsistent or even insufficient data with loss of time and efforts.


The client needed a business automation software that could:

  • Bring all of the business functions into one central location while eliminating data redundancy.
  • Provide a systematic approach to business processes so that all employees could deliver the same predictable outcome to all the customers that engage with the company.
  • Automate the calculation of all metrics related to the quality and quantity of their fertiliser products and services.
  • Deliver a centralized system for a diverse range of business functions like customer management, order management, sales management, finance, maintenance, employee management, report generation, equipment management, etc.
  • Be cloud-native so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

What really influenced the customer in buying KiriHQ were its unique features that made all the business processes simple, yet highly efficient. KiriHQ provided a best-in-class software solution that could resolve most of the critical challenges, and thus, add value to the business.

How KiriHQ Added Value?

  • KiriHQ helped the company to connect all business processes into one integrated system with accurate data that was a single source of truth.
  • The software offers real-time monitoring of tasks, depot locations, and inventory, which helped the customer overcome the problem of inconsistent business operations and scattered information.
  • Every staff member was connected to each other while mobile with the help of an app installed on their tablets. 
  • The staff location and delivery status could be viewed by the leaders in real-time.
  • The calendar feature of KiriHQ helped them schedule tasks and maintenance of assets. This helped them make timely deliveries and reduce equipment downtime.
  • It helped the client to manage the history of soil conditions as well as nutrient information for all farms and service locations, along with reports that can be shared periodically with customers for various purposes.
  • KiriHQ also helped create and maintain nutrient blends to maximize the effectiveness of the fertilisers with an accurate balance of desired chemical compositions.
  • Our team of experts also helped the client with fast and hassle-free pre-installation, implementation, training, and maintenance requirements while delivering the software solution.

Business Impact

  • With KiriHQ, every process in the client’s fertiliser ground spreading business was brought in one place and could be used by a layman with little or no technical knowledge.
  • The customer observed a significant jump in the sales as a great amount of time needed to maintain spreadsheets was saved.
  • They were able to reduce costs up to $700k per year after adopting KiriHQ as their business automation software.

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Published on December 27, 2019 by KiriHQ