The Center becomes the Summit: Kendra becomes Kiri

As many of our customers may have already observed, Kendra is now ‘Kiri.’ We’re excited to announce that the Kendra suite of products will now be known as ‘KIRI’. This change has been a long time in the making, and it’s the start of a brand new and improved product experience coming your way.

The name Kiri will gradually replace Kendra in our business’ brand and products. However, the product nomenclature stays the same as before, which means that ‘KendraHQ’ is now ‘KiriHQ’, ‘Kendra Align’ is ‘Kiri Align’, ‘Kendra.grow’ is ‘Kiri.grow’, ‘’ is ‘’, ‘Kendra.freight is ‘Kiri.freight’ and so on.

Kiri is a beautiful word and translates to ‘mountain summit’. With the new safety and compliance management platform – Kiri Align (previously Kendra Align) launched just a few months back, we’re now looking forward to the new global brand coming in and taking our customers all over the world to even greater ‘summits’!

Why are we rebranding?

Since our inception in 2016, KendraHQ has experienced tremendous growth and as a brand, it has never shied away from change. In pursuit of being more and more relevant to our customers, we’ve always been on the move, which depicts that despite having two iconic products that have helped many businesses grow and transform digitally, we haven’t settled and don’t ever plan to do so.

A memorable brand aims at creating lifelong connections with people who interact with them. And it can only do this by clearly articulating what it stands for, its core values, and how it can help the people. Today, our customers are equally interested in our core mission as a company and the promise that it carries to its users as much as they are interested to know about our products and services. We realize the fact that a better understanding of who we are as a brand will translate to a longer-term relationship with all our customers.

We wanted our brand name to convey its core values and credences well, thus, after much consideration, consultation and deliberation, we decided to go with ‘Kiri’ as our renewed and lasting brand identity.

The Brand Promise

At KiriHQ, all our work is anchored by the promise to continually be Innovative, Challenger, Genuine, and Empathetic.

Whether it is through our all-in-one business process automation platform (link to KendraHQ website) or digital safety and compliance management platform (link to Kendra Align website), our promise to our customers that we’d always stand up to is listening to their problems, accepting every challenge, and working diligently towards tailoring the existing products for their business with best-in-class features, cutting-edge technology, and remarkable support. And doing all of this while keeping the platform extremely easy-to-use and flexible to scale up and down in conformity with the business requirements.

Our promise to be 100% genuine and transparent is manifested in every minor or major interaction that we have with a business of any size.

The brand name that we chose says a lot about us. This newly-acquired identity is more than just a change in the brand name – we believe it is a truer representation of who we are as a brand.

Few key things we wish to emphasize as part of our new identity are:

1. Only the brand name has changed, not our products and services.
2. The company vision, mission, and core values stand strong and unchanged.
3. Product logos and all other design guidelines remain the same as before.

New Name – Newer Perspectives

The new name and identity are inspired by our core principle of leading our clients towards the pinnacle of growth and success. We believe not only in helping our business partners achieve their end business goal of digital transformation and excellence but also providing them with a better partner experience and relationships that last forever. As the name represents, we’re looking forward to the transformation, growth, success, crest, and a brighter tomorrow.

All this rebranding procedure has been a lot of work and we’re excited to share our news with you. It marks the beginning of the next phase in our journey and a new opportunity to help your business to digitise, transform, and stay secure.

Do you like what we’ve done so far? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Posted on September 16, 2020 by KiriHQ