An Australian Fleet Workshop Company Leverages KiriHQ to Drive Digital Transformation and Growth for their business

Partner Profile

Founded: 1954
Location: Australia
Project Duration: Ongoing
Employees: 50+

Business Context

For more than 60 years, the client has delivered world-class solutions and top customer service in the transport industry in Australia. Their comprehensive range of repair and service contracts cover all spare parts of a wide range of vehicles and other equipment required for the agriculture, fertiliser, bulk freight, equipment rental, mining, and logistics industries.

To adapt to rapid business development in terms of customers, employees, tasks, vehicles, and business locations, they needed a robust and scalable system that could solve all their business problems including an increase in ROI, improvement in employee training, and reducing downtime at the workshop. 

Business Challenges

  • They needed a system to track and manage the availability of assets so they can reorder in case of shortage and suspend the intake of assets that are available in surplus to avoid the problem of blockage of capital.
  • They also needed a CRM system to manage their contacts and customer relationships, which is key for any growing business.
  • Managing and training their workshop staff, assigning tasks according to their respective skills, and reassigning in case of absences was a time-consuming process. 
  • Not being able to keep track of recurring incidents led to downtimes at the workshop.
  • Most of the business processes were taken care of with paperwork, which led to data redundancy and inconsistency.
  • There was a lack of sync between multiple systems used for functions like employee management, task management, safety management, etc.



The client needed to eliminate paperwork and replace it with a centralised system that could take care of all their business processes like CRM, HRM, asset management, order management, job card management, training, safety and compliance, finance management, tracking and reporting, etc.

KiriHQ offered them an all-in-one business process automation solution that helped them centralize all the business processes into one system, eliminate paperwork, and avoid human errors in manual processes, thus improving their business efficiency and driving more ROI.

How KiriHQ Added Value?

  • One of the key features of KiriHQ offered for workshop businesses is the digital job card feature. After adopting KiriHQ, the client was able to create job cards for the workshop staff with all the information like what they need to do, for which vehicle, and when. 
  • Since all the information was easily available in a single place on the job card and was understandable to the technicians, the delivery time was significantly reduced. 
  • The integrated calendar feature helped them set reminders for deliveries and schedule maintenance of vehicles and other equipment, thus assuring timely deliveries and reduced downtimes.
  • Safety is the most vital element to be taken care of for the client’s business and KiriHQ helped them with it by giving the prestart safety checklist and OHS features.
  • The employee training and induction feature helped them train their staff and drivers to avoid human errors.
  • Redistribution of capital investments was possible because of one of KiriHQ’s feature that let them track and manage inventory of all spare parts and assets.
  • They could reorder stock proactively based on insights given by the system and effectively control suspended stock.
  • Our team of high-calibre product engineers helped them pre-installation, implementation, and maintenance requirements while delivering the software solution.

Business Impact

  • The client has been using KiriHQ for their fleet workshop business for over a year now and they’re extremely happy with the product because it helped them save up to 80% of their time and a 20% increase in business efficiency.
  • Because of saving the time, effort, and resources that went into manual processes and utilising that time for their business operations, they saw an 80% increase in the company’s overall ROI.

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Published on February 6, 2020 by KiriHQ