A leading Australian Fleet Operations and Maintenance Company Improves Time and Resource Management While Getting Huge Savings with KiriHQ

Partner Profile

Founded: 1954
Location: Australia
Project Duration: Ongoing
Employees: 80+

Business Context

The client is a leading Australian fleet operations and maintenance company. Their business was established in 1986 and has steadily developed into one of the most efficient delivery services in the country, with an extensive fleet of modern vehicles and state-of-the-art fabrication facilities. They collect and deliver various types of goods and cater to different industry verticals like agriculture, mining, and logistics. 

Over the years, the client has won the trust of their customers by being a reliable provider and offering an unrivalled quality of fleet operations and maintenance services. They needed a business automation solution to increase efficiency, offer better customer service, and increase the overall profit margin of the business.

Business Challenges

  • Vehicles, being the main assets of the client’s business, it was important to have full control over them so as to offer an efficient service to their customers consistently.
  • They needed a system to know the status of the vehicles and calculate ROI with relation to each of them – if they consume too much fuel, if there is too much wear and tear, or if they are not handled judiciously by the drivers. 
  • There was no way the business owner/managers could monitor vehicles or the order delivery status in real-time. 
  • The leaders did not know what the employees or drivers were doing until they drove to different business locations to inspect physically or until the employees reported at the end of each week/month.
  • Over the years, as the business grew, the business locations and vehicle depot locations grew. Due to this, it got more and more difficult for them to manage business operations efficiently.
  • They could no longer rely on handling data manually to manage their ever-growing queue of customers, employees, tasks, vehicles, and depot locations. It also resulted in duplicate/conflicting copies of data.
  • They tried to adopt different systems for various business processes like CRM, HRM, order management, etc, but it led to further conflicts as the systems could not communicate with each other.
  • Decision making relied on time-consuming manual practices with more chance of delayed, inconsistent or even insufficient data, resulting in loss of time and resources.



The client needed to transform their business digitally with the help of a business automation solution that could simplify and bring all their business processes together in a centralized system and provide advanced features like customization, customer locator, calendar, job scheduler, instant reporting, etc.

KiriHQ offered them a business process automation software to help them centralize and  automate all the business processes ranging from vehicle maintenance, incident reporting, and customer management to employee management, finance, and order management.

How KiriHQ Added Value?

  • The software offers real-time monitoring of vehicles, order delivery status, and operations taking place at different depot locations.
  • Drivers could connect with the application and update their status in real-time with the help of a mobile app installed on their tablets.
  • The calendar feature of KiriHQ helped them schedule tasks and maintenance of assets on the move. The calendar reminders helped them make timely deliveries and reduce equipment downtime.
  • A team of designers and developers was assigned to the project, who leveraged agile UX and development processes to ensure rapid iteration between the updates required in the KiriHQ edition – Kiri.freight.
  • Our team of developers helped the client with pre-installation, implementation, and maintenance requirements while delivering the software solution.
  • The expert team at KiriHQ also offered a hassle-free adaption process by conducting frequent training sessions and providing lots of face to face communication.

Business Impact

  • The client’s business efficiency improved by 80% after KiriHQ software adoption.
  • KiriHQ helped the business achieve their goals by centralizing all their business processes, easing order management, providing instant reporting, offering real-time visibility and control, and monitoring operations at multiple locations.

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Published on February 5, 2020 by KiriHQ